Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

Smart Healthcare (WIT120) – a critical part of our shared future

“Healthcare” has always been a commodity desired by mankind during the last hundreds and thousands of years; for health is precious to us all and medical care is our fundamental right. However, healthcare does not exist in a vacuum. It is actually intricately intertwined with a multitude of mixed facets, including innovative research, regulatory certification, talent nurturing, ethics, moral principles etc. Furthermore, healthcare issues exist within an ecosystem of eight separate groups: healthcare providers, medical support and insurance, information communication technology and electronics industry, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, research and education centers, government agencies, and individuals and families.

With the benefit of technological advancements, AI-based opportunities crop up in many fields, infusing “precision” and “intelligence” into regular healthcare industry practices, marking an era of new developments and an important milestone in the field of healthcare. Nonetheless, healthcare should be understood in the context of combined “Human Intelligence” and “Artificial Intelligence”.

AI use should not supplant or disrupt the existing healthcare ecosystem, but rather claim its rightful role as “added value”. Artificial Intelligence works with data but Human Intelligence originates from care; only their mutual collaboration can result in a universally prosperous and mutually beneficial precision-based health ecosystem. Since its inception, MeDA never wavered from its core value of human-based AI; through the three pronged approach of Lab for Innovation, School for Connection, and Seed for Value, MeDA tirelessly strives for the sustainable development of a smart medical ecosystem.

Lab for innovation,
School for connection,
Seed for value

MeDA Triangle

MeDA Triangle is a novel organizational framework and mission mechanism, a unified concept of the three pillars: MeDA Lab, MeDA School, and MeDA Seed. It is also the portal connecting the various groups in the smart medical ecosystem and an important catalyst for the realization of smart medical care. The three pillars, MeDA Lab, MeDA School, and MeDA Seed, each represent an unique endeavor in a different field, specialized in their individualized expertises.
To realize the vision of precision health, MeDA Triangle further integrates the resources and capabilities of the other members, forging an ecosystem of improved value. Through such mechanisms, it is not only possible to quickly determine the needs of the individual groups, but also effectively fulfill those needs, generating a sustainable cycle: “From the Ecosystem, to the Ecosystem.”

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