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I’ve always been interested in learning more about development and theory behind medical AI. MeDA lecturers shared how AI technology increases the efficiency of finding tumors in early stages. I was pleased how we could communicate with experts in person to have further insights. MeDA School broke down hard concepts and gave us a lot of practical coding training which is useful and impressive. I now have a better understanding of the medical AI industry, and how it might benefit our lives in the future. I believe that AI technology plays a crucial role in healthcare now and then. It’s amazing to have a closer look at the prosperous industry.

MeDA School

MeDA school is entirely based on concrete research. We focus on cultivating freshmen’s interest in the medical AI industry with tailored curricula. The importance of communication between learners and instructors is no less important than knowledge itself. MeDA School focuses on application and provides hands-on courses that are customized for learners of various backgrounds. Let us explore medical AI industry together!


For a medical professional, it is absolutely necessary to be at the forefront of technological developments in the field. We are currently at the turning point of the medical AI industry, where big data and the underlying technology have finally matured enough to support what I project to be an explosive rise of the once nascent industry. An institute that provides such training courses and insights are absolutely crucial to support the industry. MeDA School provides an environment that shares know-how behind the technology with clinics. In an age of constant and rapid change, MeDA School aims to set up a sound medical AI environment that keeps you stay ahead.

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